Create a Draft of Event and Add Admin
  1. Open CivicRush Web App and Login: http://web.civicrush.com
  2. Tap Create Post
  3. Select Post type: Event
  4. Enter all the information required to publish (Title, Details, Remote or Location, Dates, Times, Media) or Save as Draft (only requires title)
  5. Once Published or Saved as Draft the Post will be displayed
  6. Edit Post
  7. Open the Add Admin tab, click Add Admin button
  8. Search and select user to add as admin
  9. Save as Draft or Publish

When a user is added as admin to a post the user will receive a notification and will have access to collaborate in editing post details. Only the Post Owner has admin management permission.

Admin Privileges to Edit Post

When Admins are added to a Post they will be able to edit:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Location
  4. Date and Time
  5. Hashtags
  6. Categories
  7. Media
  8. Service Hours
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