Community Needs provide an opportunity to engage others by posting opinions, ideas, solutions, plans. Engage in a great opportunity to participate as individuals, group, and organization to provide support through leadership and charitable contributions.

What are community needs?

Some needs raise awareness about social issues and welcome a discussion to work together towards a solution.

Other needs are tangible items or monetary donations that are required to support work done by others for a cause or to provide relief.

What can I do to help?

“I’ll take care of it” allows leaders to turn a need into an Event or Volunteer Opportunity that will help alleviate the issue.

Events such as fundraisers, temporary donation drop-off centers, community meetings, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities may include skill specific aid such as health professional support, hands-on assistance, education, etc.

Foundations and groups can review community needs to grant funds to programs of interest.

Civic Participation

The Civic Participation keeps track of the number of community needs created and how many are converted (to events of volunteer opportunities).

Create a Need: Public
  1. Tap the Create a Post button 
  2. Select Community Need/Announce
  3. Select Categories
  4. Input all information
  5. Select a Photo or Video (120MB maximum total file size)
  6. Post

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