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Frequently Asked Questions

Can CivicRush be downloaded to any smartphone?

Yes. CR is available for IOS in the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

Is there a cost to use CivicRush?

No. CR is free of charge to any individual, nonprofit organization or voluntary group.

Is the application available in multiple languages?

Yes. CR can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

Is CivicRush available worldwide?

No. CR is currently available in the United States and its territories.

Can CivicRush be integrated with other databases?

Yes. Please reach out to us to discuss database specifics.

Does CivicRush have an Alert Notification System to flag offensive posts or comments?

Yes. CR follows the social media guidelines found in the market. CR admin team gets notified when someone has raised a concern or flagged a post and the issue is resolved accordingly.

In CivicRush can organizations have multiple groups/programs operating under their organizational umbrella?

Yes. CR allows each organization or group to create sub-groups.

Can an organization use CivicRush to communicate information exclusively with its members?

Yes. CR allows you to create private publications that only your group members can see.

Who can access my data once posted on CivicRush?

Anyone on CR can access your public publications.  Private publications can only be viewed by group members.

Can the public see my Personal Dashboard with my volunteer hours and community service activities?

No. Your dashboard is kept private. Only you can see it.

Do volunteers have to rate my event and do I have to rate their performance?

No. Both functions are optional.

What do I need to create a CivicRush account?

Once you download the app, you can create your account in one of 3 ways: 1) using an email address, 2) using an Apple id, or 3) using your Facebook account.

If I have a list of members or volunteers with their email addresses can the CivicRush team help me onboard them?

Yes. Our team would be more than happy to assist you with the onboarding process.

Can I set my CivicRush feed to only display events that are happening in my region of interest?

Yes. CR has a filter that allows you to set parameters for displaying events that are located within the geographic range that you have established. You can also use the map feature to view events in your area.

Do you have tutorials or educational materials that I can access to help me learn how to use CivicRush?

Yes. To access these resources, go to https://civicrush.com/help-and-support/. You can also access to this information in the app under Help.

Can the CivicRush team provide my group with an orientation to CivicRush?

Yes. Time permitting, our team would be more than happy to provide your group with an introductory overview of the app. You can contact us at info@civicrush.com.

Does CivicRush afford me the opportunity to receive monetary donations?

CR does not have a donation or giving component built into the system but you may add a link of your choosing to any fundraising activity that you are promoting.