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CivicRush is a network of individuals and organizations committed to enhancing their communities. With CivicRush, we transform communities through the reliable dissemination of information, civic engagement, and community participation.

Projects and Volunteer Opportunities

These are calls to action which help us recruit and mobilize volunteers. CivicRush has a volunteer management engine with a check-in / out functionality and fluent communication. Volunteers can upload pictures and videos in the gallery and write testimonials.


Publish and promote your community events or services. Share your event with others and track participation. Tell stories with testimonials, gallery photos, and videos.

Community Board

Post community announcements and special needs to help improve your community. Raise awareness about a community issue, and more. Gather support from other like minded people. Discuss options and come up with a solution. Take action. Tell the story with testimonials, photos, videos in the gallery.


Community Needs & Announcements

Disseminate reliable information to our communities. Identify a community need, generate a conversation to discuss potential solutions, and execute a plan to solve the need.


Create and promote community events and services. These can be in-person, remote or virtual. CivicRush maintains the list of those who attended the event.

Volunteer Opportunities

Create projects and volunteer opportunities or find your next volunteer activity. CivicRush has a volunteer management system.

Civic Participation Dashboard

Keep track of your community impact using the civic participation dashboard.

Group and Group Dashboard

In CivicRush you can create groups and subgroups. These can be personal, community, and organizational groups. Groups have a dashboard that shows the collective impact of the group.


In CivicRush you can create private or public groups, and you can have private or public events and volunteer opportunities.

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2019 Summer Awards

Best New Mobile App

Best of 2019 Mobile Star Award

in the Civic or Community Engagement
Mobile App category

CivicRush promotes civic engagement and community participation by encouraging individuals to work together in making a positive impact in their local community.

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Rotary International
Nuestra Casa of East Palo Alto
Bahía Real Condominium


"More than an application, CivicRush has become an important tool for our club.…”

Astrid Ferrer Santiago, President of Guayama Rotary, Puerto Rico

"...a non-profit event via CivicRush and our sponsors appreciated the ‘report’ through our pictures, testimonials and other details available in the app..."

Maria Hopson

"Love the checkin function for organizers - easy to keep track of your team that you may be meeting on the day of your event!"

Bbar2002, Kentucky

"Bringing together our need to build a better youth engagement with the needs of a hurting community."

David Conti – President of Washington Manor Junior League Baseball, San Leandro, CA

In CivicRush we have connections, you can follow people and they can follow you. We can generate online conversations, we can share publications on social media networks, and we have a solid notification system within the application.

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